Sundarban Tour & Kolkata Tour

  • Sundarban Tour

    The most difficult part is to write the home page. Well we have to start somewhere. Since sundarban is what you are looking for, let’s start with it! We are not going to...

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  • Eco Village

    Backpackers Eco Village took five years to plan and just five months to get started. It took a lot of searching for the right piece of land and a lot of soul searching. We did...

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  • Online Tour Booking

    Book your tour online with us. Its safe, secure and easy. We accept bank transfer and Paypal payments....

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  • Sundarban's Elmar

    It took us five months, a lot of imagination and a lot of hard work to transform this fishing trawler into a cruise boat. Right from the beginning it was a conscious effort f...

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  • Kolkata Tour

    A guest of mine once said to me that instead of the popular name “city of joy”, Calcutta should be named “SEETI of jo...

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Kolkata Office
  • 4 Tottee Lane, Near Sudder Street
  • Kolkata (Calcutta), India
  • (Take the lane opposite to Plaza Hotel on Sudder Street and look for our office in front of 4 Tottee Lane)
Who We Are
My name is Rajesh, Mowgli is my nephew, and Ajay is the cousin of Mowgli. Sounds complicated? That's what we thought. So now we feel at ease to call ourselves "the three brothers", and we take turns to be your tour companions to the Sundarban jungle.

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