Backpackers' Eco Village

Backpackers Eco Village took five years to plan and just five months to get started. It took a lot of searching for the right piece of land and a lot of soul searching. We didnt want to make another resort, yet we wanted our guests to have certain luxuries and pleasures above the hotel and guest house experience.

Clean toilet and comfortable bed,with a center for meeting and knowing fellow travelers,some pet animals, with a open kitchen for the guests to see their meal being cooked by the local sundarban women. What we have now is 2 acres of land, with 20 mud cottages, a community center, a farm house, few ponds and a vast land for paddy field and vegetable farming. The best part is that we used all local materials and local labors to create our eco-village.

We try as much as we can to buy our vegetables and fish from the local farmers and fishermen, engaging local folk artist to present their art to our guests.The idea is to let people break away from their daily life chaos spending few days in the lap of nature and doing things which pleases their senses.Take a dip in our ponds, take a boat into the mangrove to watch birds in the daytime and stars at night,take our goat for grazing and give our water buffalos a shower.. Learn some bengali cooking and meet travelers in the community center for sharing travel stories...

 However some of our guests have not liked the way we operate and look for luxuries of a resort in our Eco-village, in spite of making it very clear that it is not a resort. Please make sure that you are ready to sleep in mud huts , be in a Authentic Bengali village, and not demand unnecessary luxuries ,and you are welcome,If not please do not take our tours and do not try to mold us, cos we will stick to what we and hundreds of other satisfied travelers believe in, Eco-tourism a term widely used but hardly practiced. Each and everyday its a conscious effort to find new ways of making our Eco village more ecological.Situated on the bank of Gomor river , eco village is surrounded by local villages on all the other three sides...In the middle of the mud flats, Land erosion, mangrove jungle and the local villagers of honey collectors we invite you to come and exchange the knowledge of Mother Nature.... facts about the eco huts... Non AC, double, triple and four bedded organic huts with western styled toilets, which keeps cool in summers and warm in winters... No Geyser but bucket hot water will be provided.. There will be 24 hour power supply and the hut will have proper fan , light and charging points... Though it has basic amenities but cleanliness and Hygiene remains as our first priority.. We invite you to Sundarban, we invite you to our Eco village and we invite you to our Home.
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Who We Are
My name is Rajesh, Mowgli is my nephew, and Ajay is the cousin of Mowgli. Sounds complicated? That's what we thought. So now we feel at ease to call ourselves "the three brothers", and we take turns to be your tour companions to the Sundarban jungle.
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