For The Love Of Traveller

For the love of travelers

Our small office is situated in one of the by lanes of Sudder street, and that is where all the action starts.
Apart from organizing these tours, our office is generally open to all sorts of travelers, who gather here to exchange their experiences, (not necessarily travel), and we try to assist in every way that we can.

We do not do:
Train tickets
Air tickets
Hotel booking
But we do:
                 Help you to find the right places where you can get all these things done, without paying any commission. For instance the FOREIGN travelers are not aware that they have a special counter at Fairlie place, where they can book their train tickets, without paying any commission, and also avail the foreign tourist quota, which the Indian government is generous to provide. Not many are aware that you can find the status of train tickets from the portal.

Ask us about the small nuances, rituals, misconceptions of India and Indians.
Get a menu of few good Bengali restaurants and take our pick.

Since we pay a fixed amount to our internet provider, you can use our computer at the office for free. Browse, back up your memory card by burning a DVD or simply listen to your music.

We have a storing space and a kitchen at the back of our office where not only can you store your big backpacks while on the tour, but also cook for yourself while in kolkata. We know how one misses a homemade meal while on travel. 
We have a large collection of Bollywood and world music on our computer; you can exchange music with us, be it Bob Marley singing “Hotel California”, or an Italian singer playing “Roxanne”.
 Just hang around and have chai with us, and know about it.

We are what we are, because of all the generous travelers who took our tours, and this is the least that we can give back to them.
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Kolkata Office
  • 4 Tottee Lane, Near Sudder Street
  • Kolkata (Calcutta), India
  • (Take the lane opposite to Plaza Hotel on Sudder Street and look for our office in front of 4 Tottee Lane)
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