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A guest of mine once said to me that instead of the popular name “city of joy”, Calcutta should be named “SEETI of joy”. The literal meaning of SEETI in the local language is whistle. His suggestion came from the fact that the first impact one has, upon arriving, is the continuous honking of the vehicles.


Apart from the spitting, honking and piles of rubbish dumped on the side of the road, Calcutta has its own charm. A good number of ancient churches, monuments and temples make a good visit to the city. Situated on the banks of the Hooghly River, one can go for a pleasant walk overlooking the beautiful colonial styled buildings in the B.B.D BAGH area.

Sited in the eastern part of India, Calcutta is the capital of west Bengal state of India. Though the local people are Bengali, this city is a melting-pot for a variety of languages and castes. Once the colonial capital of India, Calcutta is the obvious choice for the down trodden and jobless people of its neighboring states- Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. Thousands throng this most densely populated city of India everyday, in search of job prospects, and this city denies none.


 Mother Teresa is almost synonymous with Calcutta and this selfless redeemer of the poorest of the poor has brought Calcutta on the world map, but not without a price. The fame of this saint came with the anecdote that Calcutta was home to the most deprived and the most diseased, which eventually followed with another misconception that this is probably the filthiest, and the most slum friendly city of India, if not the world.

 This not only became a big hindrance for the tourism industry of Calcutta but in the bargain deprived the tourists to come to one of the friendliest city of India. The tourism reduced to the volunteers and the transit travelers who use Calcutta as the gateway to Andaman Islands, Darjeeling or the holy city of Varanasi. According to the travelers who eventually come here, Calcutta makes you feel at home and showers you with a very warm feeling.

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