Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Those who believe they are exclusively in the right are generally those who achieve something!



Recognitions flowing in from different avenues: A picture is worth a thousand words





With the overwhelming response in 2012 we built a new section with 10 double bed cottages in our Eco village , exclusively for the couples. In total of 17 cottages, we have decided not to have any more construction guys, it will be a life long effort to make this place more and more ecological..!


The Backpackers Eco-village is ready and it has turned out to be the same as we had envisioned all this while.7 Mud Cottages with attached concrete toilets, some are 5 bedded, some 4 bedded and some 3 bedded. Ponds, water buffaloes, goats, engaging local people for work and start of a new chapter in our life...come and see for yourself!!!


*Sundarban is fast changing, with a lot of villages expecting to have electricity; we feel that within a few years a lot more tourists would be thronging this place, not for nature or wildlife, but for luxuries that might disturb our travelers in more than one ways. With electricity there will be loud music, big lights, and more people, which mean more pollution of every kind. Keeping this in mind, we are buying a piece of land in one of the more remote islands, which will be in the middle of a rural Bengal village on one side and river Bidya on the other. One of the main reasons to buy this land will be to make an abode which will have the modern luxuries but at the same time we will try to keep it as authentic as it can be. Growing organic vegetables, keeping cows for milk, fish in the pond, Ayurveda massage, are few of the plans.

We hope to see it completed by the end of 2011.

Will keep you posted guys.


*We got reviewed by lonely planet, and keep our fingers crossed to appear in the next edition.

*Appeared in a German travel guide book,” Dumont”. They termed our Sundarban tour as simple and easy. 

*Built our dream boat Elmar. According to people, it is one of the most    beautiful boats in Sundarban.

*. On the 13th December 2010, we had the privilege to organize sundarban tour for the scientists around the world, who had gathered in Kolkata for the “1st conference on animal, microbial, plant toxins and snakebite management”.

*Last but not the least; we had all these fantastic travelers, with whom we had some of the amazing times in life, who not only took our tour but also recommended us to other travelers and different guide books. Thank you all.


The film got selected in a travelers film festival “three elements” in Poland. Traveled to Europe with my movie, for 28 days, and all the guest of different countries who had done our tours never let me pay for my stay. Thank you all.


Made two series of documentary “travel diary 1 and 2”, on Sundarban jungle. Had our first client, a fantastic English gentleman “Angus denoon”, for the Sundarban tour.

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