Sundarban Tour in 1 day

1 Day Tour

This Sundarban tour package is physically tiring because of its hectic schedule so it should only be undertaken if you do not have time or the chance to return to this side of the world..
This is a group tour, size might go upto 15 to 20 people. We highly recommend the One and two nights Sundarban tour , however if this remains the only option then surely Sundarban should not be missed because there are only few places which is as mysterious as Sundarban.


Itinerary of One Day Sundarban tour Package :
5.30 to 5.45 am: Pick up from Your Kolkata address. Three hours by road to the the last road point of Godkhali.

8.30 am: We get on our personalized motorboat of four or six cylinder engine and head towards the forest office of Sundarban Tiger Reserve for permits and witnessing the eroded islands of Sonagao, Bali on one side of the river and mangroves on the other side. Breakfast will be served upon embarking on board.

10.30 am:We reach Sajnekhali forest office where we get permits and start the whole day boat safari into the worlds biggest mangrove jungle of Sundarban, the only with the Royal Bengal tigers. Apart from the famous Tigers one also has the chance to spot Esturian crocodiles, monitor lizard, spotted deers, civet cats, otters and lots of bird species, migratory and locals. We take the route which has the most number of channels where the low and high tide is at play from time immemorial. Come to witness the beautiful mangroves, the mystery of this land and get more in return. Do not come just to spot tigers you might get disappointed. Logistically we try to cover three watchtower of Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali and Dobanki however it depends on a lot of factor and sometimes we would only be able to do the two Watchtowers, but it just means that we do one less watchtower, does not mean we will spend less time in the jungle..lunch will be served on board.

4. 30 to 5 pm: evening chai will be served and we will be dropped at our last road point from where we will be taken back to Kolkata..

8 to 8.30 pm: Drop off to your kolkata address.

The cost of this tour is 3000 rs per person (minimum 4 people or the charges equivalent of it), for every extra person it will be 1500 rs each. This charge includes your pick up and drop from your home, breakfast, lunch, evening chai, mineral water, all permits into the Sundarban tiger reserve,camera fees and the whole day boat safari into the Mighty Sundarban jungles.

Vehicle will be ac. It can be a Bolero or a Innova upto 6 people and above numbers will be taken in Tempo Traveller. Let us know your requirement by phone or by mail.

This Sundarban tour package is purely designed for people who would not have enough time to do our classic overnight tours.

Enjoy the mangroves, let this environment remain Pristine and Pure as It is..


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Special Modified Tour

Apart from the classic tours of backpackers, above we are open to planning modified tours, depending on the time, availability, and convenience of the travelers.
For example:
Starting the tour, according to the train or flight timings
Staying for more days in sundarban (with or without the jungle cruise)
Staying in the village exploring the island on bicycles.

Please email us with your needs and we will sketch a plan for you.

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