Terms & Condition

  1. Please note that we have no plans to increase our tariffs in the near future, still we would like to have this liberty of changing it when we feel it is absolutely necessary to do it.
  2. We do not have any kind of insurance policy for this tour, so please be safe on the tour.
  3. Although we strive to meet our deadlines still we goof up sometimes and so be prepared for timing changes when we can not avoid it.
  4. Cars and boats might change during the tour, if we feel its not fit for the trip, please dont fuss about it.
  5. Our escort guide has an overall knowledge about the sundarbans and if you are interested in detailed knowledge then please ask the local guide who will be hired by us on the boat trips to the jungle.
  6. Please make all payments before the tour starts.
  7. We are fairly priced so Please do not ask for any discounts,We will give you a bottle of cold drink or a bottle of beer instead.
  8. We are all the time trying and thinking of giving you the best times in our tours so please do not doubt our efforts.