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No matter what we did in the last five years, as a tour operator in Sundarban jungles, almost everything seems to have fallen in the right place.

I and Mowgli went on a trip to Sundarbans, which not only changed our lives, but also the lives of a lot of people. We never thought of ending up as tour operators, because we knew nothing about it, but we learned from all the nice travelers who came on our tour, and we are still learning.

15 years down the line we find ourselves as much in awe of Sundarban as we did on our first trip and continue to stay foolish and stay hungry as "Hungry Tides" of the Mighty Sundarbans.




We just try to share the things that we did on our first trip and people like it, most of those activities are not conventional, like taking a dip in the village pond on a hot summer afternoon, or showing up uninvited in a locals marriage on some remote island, or going to see cock fight with the natives, or sitting around a oil lamp, on a cold winter night, in a small hut sipping the local rice liquor, listening to the experiences of the local honey collectors being attacked by tigers, right from the horse's mouth.

*Made a documentary film on Sundarbans, (2005) with all these activities with a handy cam, and got selected in a Travelers film festival in Poland.(2009)

*Appeared in German travel guide book “DUMONT”, as a company which is simple and easy, in 2010

*Got our dream boat ELMAR built in 2010.

*Got our 2nd boat Para Siempre in 2011.

*Got our Eco village up and Running in 2012.

* Still Alive and Kicking in 2021



No matter what we did, everything seemed to have fallen in the right place.


My name is Rajesh and Mowgli accompanied me from my first trip to Sundarban and till now in the thick and thin of our journey..We found lots of like minded people in our journey who became tour companions of our guests ,helped ,nurtured and walked with us..

Some of them remained and some left for their personal calling as well..

Me and Mowgli are standing here right at the mouth of the Worlds largest Delta waiting to host you with a team of dedicated tour companions , to show you the Fragile Ecosystem ,the Mangroves, the never tiring Tide and last but not the least, The Royal Bengal Tiger.



The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes "sightseeing.”

Daniel J. Boorstin. The Image: A Guide to Psuedo-Events in America, 3.2, 1961

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